Four years, three deaths, sweaty armpits and a fetus

Title: Four years, three deaths, sweaty armpits and a fetus

Photographer/s: Sarah Carlier

Date of publication: february 2011

Place of publication: The Hague

Dimensions: 23 x 30 cm

Edition size: 500 pc. incl special edition 50 pc.

Type of binding: stitched and bounded

Number of pages: 132

Type of paper: Munken Lynx 170 gr. / Soper Set 60 gr.

Number of pictures: 125

Type of printing: Offset

Printer: Albani, The Hague

Publisher: Self published

Designer: Karin Mientjes

Editor: picture editing: Marietta de Vries / text editor: Evelien Otte

Language: English & Dutch

ISBN: 978-90-816624-1-3

Category: Artist book, Photography

Price: NL €35 EU €38 WW €45 special ed.€190 (incl. shipping)

Summary: Four years, three deaths, sweaty armpits and a fetus is a fragmented tale in a book from the life of the Romanian family Fuliash, who I became acquainted with fourteen years ago. The quick succession of events – death, new life and a marriage, all happening in a short period of time – were the reason for me to make this project. The result is a story about the uncertainty and beauty of life, with my Romanian family in the lead. Specific for this project but also to my earlier work is the combination between realistic -and metaphorical fictional situations translated in photos, video (stills) and text.

Date and place of birth of photographer/s: 13/11/1981 Izegem, Belgium


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Donated by: Sarah Carlier

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