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Title: Nowhereland

Photographer/s: Clay Lipsky

Date of publication: 7/20/2011

Indie Photobook Library in CHINA – November 6-9


The Indie Photobook Library will be in China for the Lishui Photography Festival, NOVEMBER 6-9, 2011.

The photobooks selected explore perspectives on “American life”, the theme for the Lishui Photography Festival. From both American and international photographers we are shown the diversity of what that can be – American consumerism, a personal commute, remnants of a man-made vacation destination, a poetic walk through New York, the KKK, ice fishing in Wisconsin, gritty city streets, communities in California, Ohio, Las Vegas and the South.

(each photograph will link to the iPL catalog record for that book)

10 Weeks Ice Fishing in Wisconsin: Book 2, Mike Rebholz (Hand in Glove Press)

Acdcnyc, Nemanja Knezevic (SuperSizeShe)

Carry Me Ohio, Matt Eich (Blurb)

Down These Mean Streets, Will Steacy (Michael Mazzeo Gallery)

For God, Race, and Country, Chris Capozziello

Less Vegas, Mauro D’Agati (Ahrens Editions)

Mornings/Evenings, Todd M Walker (Magcloud)

My Fellow Americans, Dennis Yermoshin (Blurb)

Rank Strangers, Susana Raab

Road Ends In Water, Eliot Dudik (Saga Publishing)

Sadkids Number 5: The Gonerfest Edition, Geoffrey Ellis

Seaside, Clay Lipsky (Blurb)

Sleepwalk, Zheng Yaohua (good morning light)

Superficial Snapshots, Zine 3: Things I Like About Texas, Allison V Smith

There is Nothing Beautiful Around Here, Paccarik Orue (Owl & Tiger Books)


Title: Seaside

Photographer/s: Clay Lipsky

Date of publication: 6/10/2011

Indie Photobook Library at Snap! Orlando – May 6 and 7, 2011

The Indie Photobook Library will be at Snap! Orlando with a pop-up exhibition of photobooks from the collection.

May 6 and 7, 2011

GAI Building, 618 E. South St, Orlando, Florida

Friday, 7pm – 12 am
Saturday, 7pm – 12 am

Founded in 2010 by Larissa Leclair, the Indie Photobook Library (iPL) is an archive that showcases and preserves self-published and indie published photobooks through exhibitions and as a non-circulating public library. The iPL is pleased to have E. Brady Robinson, Associate Professor, UCF School of Visual Arts and Design, and Heather Comparetto, photographer and curator, curate the pop-exhibition of photobooks for Snap! Orlando. Roughly fifty titles will be on display during the event, allowing visitors to explore and celebrate the diversity, craft, and creativity in self-publishing today.

Titles selected by E. Brady Robinson, Associate Professor, UCF School of Visual Arts and Design
Adam Revington, Adam Revington
Alex, Christian Reister
A Specter from the Land of If: Outlandish Photography
Bookmarks, Tuomas Korpijaakko
Color Dying Light, Sam Falls
Desert Days, Matt Austin
Destination: Anywhere, Jordan Swartz
Fading Light, Clay Lipsky
Firework Studies, Pierre Le Hors
Get Off My Lawn
Hackney Wick, Stephen Gill
Hasisi Park, Hasisi Park
Kitintale, Yann Gross
Lacuna, Sonja Thomsen
Lay Flat 01: Remain in Light
Lay Flat 02: Meta
Not Many Kingdoms Left, Jeff Luker
One and Two and Up and Down, Ting Cheng
Photographs & Pictures, Mark Peckmezian
Sadkids Number 4, Geoffrey Ellis
Sadkids Number 5, Geoffrey Ellis
See You Soon, Maxwell Anderson
Small View, gu fan
Superficial Snapshots Zine 3: Things I Like About Texas, Allison V. Smith
Taciturn Heart, Marcelo Gomes
Tell mum everything is ok, no. 2
Tell mum everything is ok, no. 3
Tell mum everything is ok, no. 4
The Kaddu Wasswa Archive, Andrea Stultiens and Arthur Kisitu
The Story of Four Generations, Yee Ling Tang
The Strangeness of This Idea, Kate Steciw
The Well Ain’t Dry, Cody Chandler
Tokyo Tokyo, WassinkLundgren
Transit, Ali Taptik
Try to be more positive, Matt Austin

Titles selected by Heather Comparetto, photographer and curator
38, Kevin Miyazaki
Anywhere But Here, Alex McTigue
Dive, Marco Onofri
Downcasting, Beau Brashares
Fiume, Guido Guidi
Fragments – Volume Two, Jimmey Leblanc
Living With Myself Forgetting, David Agasi
Lush Light, Andi Schreiber
Mornings/Evenings, Todd M. Walker
Nerves, Laëtitia Donval
Now We Are 30, Stuart Woodman
Privilege, Jessica Craig-Martin
The f word, Angela Marklew
The Lightness of Being, Alinka Echeverria
The Singled Person
Unique c-Prints, John Steck Jr.
World Was in the Face of the Beloved, Eric Weeks

Titles selected by both E. Brady Robinson and Heather Comparetto
Last Call, Judith Stenneken
Offset, Lacey Terrell
Thinner Air, John Mann

Indie Photobook Library at the PPAC Book Fair

The Indie Photobook Library has been invited to participate in the PPAC Second Annual Book Fair, this Saturday April 2, 2011.

Come visit the Indie Photobook Library
at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center
1400 N. American St.
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Saturday April 2nd
Free and open to the public

A number of small presses, publishers, and artists will also be there including Blind Spot, Charles Lane Press, Chad Muthard, David Graham, David La Spina, Gottlund Verlag, Hassla Books, J&L Books, Ofer Wolberger, Ed Snyder, Roma Publications, A-Jump Books, Humble Arts Foundation, Lay Flat, and PhotoBookArts, to name a few.

The following titles from the Indie Photobook Library archive will be on display.

10: 10 Years of in-Public
38 Very Small Observations, Kevin J. Miyazaki
893 Magazine, Anton Kusters
A Nos Amours, Ariane Geffard and Michael J. DeMeo
Acdcnyc, Nemanja Knežević
Adam Revington
Afghanistan Redux, Benjamin Lowy
Album, Magazin fur Fotografie
Along the Niger, Ian Van Coller
Amnesia Hat Issue 1, Kenneth Traynor
Ankunft bei Aufbruch
Anywhere but Here, Alex Mctigue
Autre Eden, Philippe Lopparelli
B Sides, Stephen Gill
Backdrop: the search for home, Muriel Hasbun
Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Trent Parke
Before Things Change, Seth Fluker
Black Sea of Concrete, Rafal Milach
Blink 1
Blink 2
Burn .01
Carry Me Ohio, Matt Eich
Chica Barbie, Carl Bower
Club 13, Nils Petter Lofstedt
Conversations with Dan McNulty in Jersey City, Andrew Bovasso
Couples, Max Fallon
Deathcamp, RJ Shaughnessy
Depressive Landscapes, Armando Ribeiro
Desert Days, Matt Austin
Destination: Anywhere, Jordan Swartz
DIVE, Marco Onofri
Downcasting, Beau Brashares
Drei, Christopher Young
Durations of Time, Bill Purvis
Echolilia, Timothy Archibald
Empty Bottles, WassinkLundgren
Fading Light, Clay Lipsky
Fake Tales of America, Mathieu Lambert
Finds, Harry Watts
Five, Christopher Young
Forest Coast, Ben Grieme and Clarke Tolton
Found Piles & other Topographica, John Steck Jr
Fragments Vol One, John Steck Jr
Fragments Vol Two, Jimmey Leblanc
Freo, Chiara Terraneo
From Here to Oblivion, Stefan Vanthuyne
Gita Lenz
Golden Parachute, Jared Ritz
Grassland, Phil Underdown
Hamra Hajurama: Our Grandmothers
Hasisi Park
Hunt Them Out: Passport to Trespass Vol. VII, Mikael Kennedy
India, Filipe Bianchi
I Sell Fish, Joshua Deaner
I Still Don’t Know Which Way To Go, Jacob Pastrovich
I Thought You Knew Where All of the Elephants Lie Down, Andre Principe
I Want to Eat, Mariken Wessels
Kitintale, Yann Gross
Less is More, Robert Rutod
Living with Myself Forgetting, David Agasi
Lost in Learning, Eva Koleva Timothy
Lukasz Wierzbowski
Manifesto: The Journal of Smogranch, Daniel Milnor
Master and Everyone, Andre Principe
Mauerreste, Squale
Memento, Muriel Hasbun
Memories: Miroir Noir, Yann Orhan
Mornings/Evenings, Todd M Walker
Mosh, Justin Schmitz
Motion Sickness, Alain Marciano
Moving out of State- Reasonable, Scott Hubener
My Brother’s War, Jessica Hines
Nerves, Laetitia Donval
Neuperlach Zentrum, Thomas Wieland
New York City, Squale
Nicosia in Dark and White-Thodoris Tzalavras
Nowhere’s Home, Jordan Sullivan
Nobody is Nowhere, Lara Alegre
Not Many Kingdoms Left, Jeff Luker
Now We Are 30, Stuart Woodman
NY Low and High, Marco Onofri
October 14th, 1979, Mikael Kennedy
On Approach, Daniel Milnor
On This Earth, A Shadow Falls, Nick Brandt
one and two and up and down, Ting Cheng
One to Nothing, Irina Rozovsky
Open Books, Matt Kowal
Orchard Vol 1: Crime Victims Chronicle, Raymond Meeks and Deborah Luster
Owner of this World, Shawn Records
Passport to Trespass Vol. VI, Mikael Kennedy
Photographs and Pictures, Mark Peckmezian
Pluto, Mariko Ogawa
Puur, Melanie Rijkers
Queen Ann P.S .Belly Cut Off, Mariken Wessels
Rugby, Daniel D’Ottavio
Satellite, Pablo Hare
Shibuya, Nguan
Silence, Jose Pedro Cortes
Soundproof, Euan Forrester
Silent Pictures, Pat Graham
Small View, Gu Fan
Some Ways to Disappear Issue 1 and Issue 2
Stapled Photo Grids, David Underwood
Stranger Tongues, Jordan Carroll
Studio, Harry Watts
Svalbard, Greg White
Svart Metall, Grant Willing
Tangente, Laurent Chardon
Tell mum everything is ok, no. 4
Ten Days in July, Maxwell Anderson
The Dad Project, Briony Campbell
The Daily Round, Martin Brink
The Election Project, Simon Roberts
The Family, Stefan Bladh
The Hogtown Project, Nadine Dolly and Kristie Macor
The Kaddu Wasswa Archive, Andrea Stultiens
The Lightness of Being, Alinka Echeverria
The Pier, Nils Petter Lofstedt
The Singled Person
The Story of Four Generations, Yee Ling Tang
The Way Things Are, Anthony Blasko
Thrills & Chills, Isa Leshko
To See Here, Kerim Aytac
Tokyo Tokyo, WassinkLundgren
Transit, Ali Taptik
Unknown Land, Louis Porter
Very Very Short Stories vol. 1 illustrated, Jasmine
Vol. 1, Pauliana Valente Pimentel
Watch Me Jumpstart, Linn Heidi Stokkedal
Waterfall Spring 2010
When We Milk Each Other, Viktoria A. Lisbet
We Between Loss and Hope, Luca Piras
World Was in the Face of the Beloved, Erik Weeks

This selection of photobooks from the iPL collection highlights mostly recent acquisitions to the iPL with a handful of titles featured at the Flash Forward Festival and FotoWeek DC. Selected by Stephanie Obernesser and Larissa Leclair.

Fading Light

Title: Fading Light

Photographer/s: Clay Lipsky

Date of publication: November 09, 2010

between here & nowhere

Title: between here & nowhere

Photographer/s: Clay Lipsky

Date of publication: 7/25/10

>>About the iPL

“…the Indie Photobook Library is fast becoming one of Washington’s more interesting small collections.” – Mark Jenkins in the Washington Post Express

“Ahead of her time, Larissa’s farsighted vision will benefit future generations of photographers and scholars to come.” – Elizabeth Avedon, Independent Curator and Photobook Designer



Photographer/s: Clay Lipsky

Date of publication: April 20, 2010