French American Trip

Title: French American Trip

Photographer/s: Eric Tabuchi

Date of publication: Oct 2011

ODO YAKUZA TOKYO, second edition


Photographer/s: Anton Kusters

Contributor/s: Malik Kusters

Date of publication: November 1, 2011

Mill River

Title: Mill River

Photographer/s: Joseph Gerhard

Date of publication: September 2011

I’ll Be Your New York

Title: I’ll Be Your New York

Photographer/s: Lena Aliper

Date of publication: 2011

Hurricane Story

Title: Hurricane Story

Photographer/s: Jennifer Shaw

Contributor/s: Foreword by Rob Walker

Date of publication: 2011

Senseless Violence Occurs In A Dark Room

Title: Senseless Violence Occurs In A Dark Room

Photographer/s: Chad Muthard

Date of publication: 2011

myth of the flat earth

Title: myth of the flat earth

Photographer/s: francesca tallone

Date of publication: december 2011

Extra Ordinaire

Title: Extra Ordinaire

Photographer/s: Emmanuel Pierrot

Date of publication: December 2011

DEUX, Paris-Montréal

Title: DEUX, Paris-Montréal

Photographer/s: Pascal Amoyel
Thomas Bouquin

Date of publication: January 2012


Title: FADE

Photographer/s: Luca Piras

Date of publication: July 2011