Gazed Upon

Title: Gazed Upon

Photographer/s: Jen Davis
Stacey Tyrell
Cara Phillips

Contributor/s: Guest Curated by Amy Elkins
Essay by Sarah Palmer

Date of publication: April, 2012

The Indie Photobook Library is TWO!

On May 13, 2012, the Indie Photobook Library celebrated its 2nd Anniversary. Thank you to all the photographers/artists/bookmakers that have made the collection what it is today! I’d also like to thank Advisory Board members Darius Himes, Andy Adams, Shane Lavalette, and Gabe Reed and all the venues that have welcomed the iPL. In the last two years, the collection has grown to almost 1000 books. The iPL continues to promote and showcase the books in the collection through international pop-up and feature-length exhibitions, articles, conferences, guest lectures, and also preserves them as a non-circulating public library. Having a specific collection dedicated to this contemporary movement in publishing allows for the development of future discourse on trends in self-publishing, the ability to reflect on and compare books in the collection, and for scholarly research to be conducted years, decades, and centuries to come. I am looking forward to continuing the iPL mission.

Larissa Leclair
Founder, Indie Photobook Library

LABAS vol.2 Barnsley

Title: LABAS vol.2 Barnsley

Photographer/s: Nina Ahn

Date of publication: February 2012

LABAS vol.1 Okinawa

Title: LABAS vol.1 Okinawa

Photographer/s: Jaeyou Kim

Date of publication: November 2011

Under Cover of Darkness

Title: Under Cover of Darkness

Photographer/s: Fergus Jordan

Contributor/s: Colin Darke

Date of publication: October 1st 2011



Photographer/s: Pauline Magnenat

Contributor/s: Jason Lazarus (foreword)

Date of publication: 03 April 2012

Questions, mark the spot.

Title: Questions, mark the spot.

Photographer/s: Alex Hogan

Date of publication: December 2011


Title: macro/space

Photographer/s: Clay Lipsky

Date of publication: 23 JAN 2012

A Westerly Direction

Title: A Westerly Direction

Photographer/s: Akemi Hiatt

Date of publication: December 2011

Butterflies I Haven’t Seen There

Title: Butterflies I Haven’t Seen There

Photographer/s: Yaniv Waissa

Date of publication: 15.03.2012