My Golden Girl of Summertime & Old Carolina

Title: My Golden Girl of Summertime & Old Carolina

Photographer/s: Aaron Canipe

Contributor/s: Passages from “The Last Gentleman” by Walker Percy

Date of publication: 2011

Something in the Way

Title: Something in the Way

Photographer/s: Scott Hubener

Date of publication: 2011

Open Mic

Title: Open Mic

Photographer/s: Ewen Spencer

Contributor/s: Texts by Martin Parr and Mike Skinner

Date of publication: 2005

Jon Edwards

Title: Jon Edwards

Photographer/s: Jon Edwards

Contributor/s: Forward by Bruce Brown, Curator Emeritus, Center for Maine Contemporary Art

Date of publication: 2007

No-Man’s Land

Title: No-Man’s Land

Photographer/s: Gary Duehr

Date of publication: 10-5-11


Title: WHERE AM I (Berlin PART ONE/Day)

Photographer/s: Lena Guimont

Date of publication: 2011

Remains To Be Seen

Title: Remains To Be Seen

Photographer/s: Simon Kossoff

Date of publication: September 2011


Title: Nowhereland

Photographer/s: Clay Lipsky

Date of publication: 7/20/2011

Curious Surfaces

Title: Curious Surfaces

Photographer/s: Kirk Carter

Date of publication: September 25, 2010

First Generation

Title: First Generation

Photographer/s: Jeanne Friscia

Date of publication: 2011