Open to Interpretation: Water’s Edge

Title: Open to Interpretation: Water’s Edge

Photographer/s: Douglas Beasley
Elizabeth Brooks Barnwell
Craig Blacklock
Nan Brown
Gia Canali
Daniel Colavito
Ning Fan
Douglas Frierott
Susan kae Grant
Silke Hase
Ron Horbinski
Kirsten Hoving
Anna Hurtig
Mark Jaremko
Alec Johnson
Yoichi Kawamura
Jeff Korte
Peter Kurdulija
Moria Lahis
Colleen Leonard
Jack Mader
Tanja Mamas
Kat Moser
Seamus Mullen
Gail Murton
Mary Ann Reilly
Steve Saint-Aubin
Sara Rust Sampedro
Jack Semura
Elizabeth Siegfried
Agnieszka Sosnowska
Marc Ullom

Contributor/s: Clare O’Neill

Date of publication: February 2012

VOL 4: Andres Lehmann

Title: VOL 4: Andres Lehmann

Photographer/s: Andres Lehmann
Buenos Aires, Rep. Argentina

Date of publication: nov-dec 2011



Photographer/s: Ada Hamza
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Date of publication: nov-dec 2011

VOL 2: Adrià Cañameras. PAR HASARD

Title: VOL 2: Adrià Cañameras. PAR HASARD

Photographer/s: Adrià Cañameras
Barcelona, España

Date of publication: nov-dec 2011



Photographer/s: Sumeja Tulic
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Date of publication: nov-dec 2011


Title: Sibir

Photographer/s: Debby Huysmans

Date of publication: 07/2010

I’ll Be Your Father

Title: I’ll Be Your Father

Photographer/s: Eric Bessel

Contributor/s: Jordan Witkov, Kenneth White

Date of publication: Winter 2012

Up Close

Title: Up Close

Photographer/s: Welmer Keesmaat

Date of publication: 01-02-2012

Indie Photobook Library at PPAC Book Fair 2012

The Indie Photobook Library has been invited to participate again in the PPAC Annual Book Fair!

Come browse a selection of photobooks from the Indie Photobook Library archive and donate your book!
Philadelphia Photo Arts Center
1400 N. American St.
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Saturday May 5, 2012
Free and open to the public

A number of small presses, publishers, and artists will also be there selling books, prints, and ephemera. And Ben Lowy, Ed Panar, and Ron Jude will be signing books! More info.

This will be the iPL’s first crowd-sourced exhibition. Thank you to everyone who suggested titles from the collection. The following titles from the Indie Photobook Library archive will be on display:

Ada Hamza, Vol 3: Endless Vacation

Adria Canameras, Vol 2: Par Hazard

Aint Bad #2

Alexandra Silverthorne, MidNights

Andreas Schöning, Rooms

Andrew Bovasso, Conversations with Dan McNulty in Jersey City

Andrew Youngson, The Devils’ Garden

Aya Takada, Fragrance Petite

Bela Doka, The Sundays of Life

Bertil Nilsson, Undisclosed

Brad Rimmer, Silence: The Western Australian Wheatbelt

Calvin Lee, Restore Defaults

Carl Gunhouse, Suburban Youth; American Desire

Carl Gunhouse, Christine Rogers, Rachel Boillot, Tiana Peterson, The Promise of Real Estate

Chris Coekin, The Altogether

David Schulz, The Terrorist’s Handbook

David Underwood, Stapled Photo Grids

Deanna Dikeman, 27 Good-byes

Deborah Hamon, Girls: Fact and Fiction

Euan Forrester, Soundproof

Filipe Bianchi, India; Self-Portrait

Filipe Casaca, My Home is Where You Are

Gary Green, History

Hasisi Park

Jay Muhlin, Half Life: A Portrait of Lauren

Jeanne Friscia, A Piece of Heaven

John Pitsakis, 256 Days

Jonathan Lucas, Rorschach Test

Joyce P. Lopez, The Trouble with Birds

Kirk Carter, Curious Surfaces

Kyunghee Lee, Island

Lay Flat 01, Remain in Light

Lloyd Stubber, Scram

Marcus Bastel, But Where Are All the People

Matt Austin, Talking with Fear about Dying Tomorrow

My Own Wilderness

No Thoughts #7

Open to Interpretation, Water’s Edge

Paccarik Orue, There is Nothing Beautiful Around Here

Phillip Kalantzis-Cope, On the Plane

Robert Rutöd, Less is More

Roger Minick, American Biographics

Stacy Renee Morrison, Carl Gunhouse, Andrew Atkinson, Matt Kaelin, Emerging Photographers

Stefan Vanthuyne, From Here to Oblivion

Sumeja Tulic, Vol 1: Approaching the Encapsulated

Tammy Mercure, March 2012: Religion

Tell Mum Everything is ok

Thomas Bouquin and Pascal Amoyel, UN; DEUX

Aristotle was wrong

Title: Aristotle was wrong

Photographer/s: Simon de Reyer

Date of publication: july 2011