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The Constant Change

Title: The Constant Change

Photographer/s: Kishor K. Sharma
Shikhar Bhattarai
Phurpu Tsering Gurung
Narendra Shrestha
Prasiit Sthapit
Niranjan Shrestha
Nayantara Gurung Kakshapati
Prem Tsering Sherpa
Sailendra Kharel
Uma Bista
Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka
Nirman Shrestha

Contributor/s: Project coordinator: NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati
Copy editor: Rabi Thapa
Translators: Viplob Pratik and Prawin Adhikari

Date of publication: December 2011

In the fields of gold

Title: In the fields of gold

Photographer/s: Miquel Llonch

Date of publication: march 2012

May 2012: Civil War

Title: May 2012: Civil War

Photographer/s: Tammy Mercure

Date of publication: May 2012


Title: Museutopia

Photographer/s: Ilya Rabinovich

Contributor/s: Viktor Misiano, Huub van Baar, Stefan Rusu , Bogdan Ghiu

Date of publication: February 2012

Al Mutanabbi Street Lament

Title: Al Mutanabbi Street Lament

Photographer/s: Ellen Wallenstein

Contributor/s: collages of images by: Pieter Breugel, Albrecht Durer, Francisco Goya, Mathias Gruenwald, Pablo Picasso, Joshua Reynolds, Unknown African Sculptor, Unknown Asyrian Architect; Unknown Iraqi Artists, Unknown Rug Weavers, Unknown Stone Carvers

Date of publication: 2011

Still Life Series

Title: Still Life Series

Photographer/s: Athena Melton

Date of publication: April 2012

iPL and Gallery Carte Blanche present

Gallery Carte Blanche, San Francisco, California

A Survey of Documentary Styles in early 21st century Photobooks

Aint-Bad Magazine Issue Three : Hyperlinked

Title: Aint-Bad Magazine Issue Three : Hyperlinked

Photographer/s: Benjamin Lowy, Damien Rudd, Jack Addis, Jenny Odell, Kieron Cropper, Manuel Birnbacker, Michael Younker, Mike Patterson, Rick Silva, Stephan Tillmans and Thomas Albdorf

Contributor/s: Dr. Lisa Jaye Young
Martin Parr
Joseph Nechvatal

Date of publication: February 2012

Thank God That’s Over

Title: Thank God That’s Over

Photographer/s: Emiliano Granado

Date of publication: May 2012

574 Views of Johnstown

Title: 574 Views of Johnstown

Photographer/s: Ed Panar

Date of publication: July 2009