Supermoon © Adam Forrester

Title: Supermoon

Photographer/s: Adam Forrester

Date of publication: 2013


Surf © Shawn Whisenant

Title: Surf

Photographer/s: Shawn Whisenant

Date of publication: Jan.2013

The Indie Photobook Library at SPE 2014

iPL at SPE 2014

The Collaborative Photobook: Selections from the Indie Photobook Library

As photographers step outside of the traditional publishing platform to self-publish, many come together to work on both the creation and publication of their photographic work in book form. This selection of photobooks from the permanent collection of the iPL showcases the diverse and exciting outcomes of these collaborations.

Selections by Emily Mason and Cameron Vaughan, with Larissa Leclair.

First Light, Luca Antonucci, Daniel Small (Conveyer, 2011)

inflight – On The Plane, Various contributing artists (The Velvet Cell, 2012)

Halfway Pretty, Various contributing artists (aG_halide press, 2013)

BOUCHÉ/SHAY, Ginevra Shay, James Bouché (2013)

Murmures, Yoann Hagnere, Viola Korosi (2011)

Circulación, Various contributing artists (2010)

Ankunft bei Aufbruch, Andreas Rost, Sebastian Hesse, Christian Reister (2008)

Sea Blues, Cait Oppermann, Yael Malka (2013)

Waterfall: Everyone Has Their Own Rooms, Various contributing artists (2010)

Transcendence, Jess T. Dugan (Griffin Museum of Photography, 2012)

THE SIGNIFICANT SAVAGES, Grégoire Pujade-Lauraine (RVB BOOKS, 2011)

Mediations 1: Where’s the ‘æ’ Key?, Nathaniel Grann (Empty Stretch, 2011)

Saluti da PINETAMARE, Salvatore Santoro (2012)

South Sound, Tarrah Krajnak (Ampersand Gallery & Fine Books, 2013)

Shoreline, Carlos Cancela Pinto & Fábio Silva (2012)

My Own Wilderness, Various contributing artists (2012)

Fragments – Vol. 2, Jimmey Leblanc, John Steck Jr. (Make Book Blog, 2010)

Speaking of Scars, Teresa Eng (If/then books, 2012)

Gazed Upon, Jen Davis, Stacey Tyrell, Cara Phillips (Ampersand Gallery & Fine Books, 2012)

Book of Trees, Paula McCartney (2013)

The Monroe Portfolio, Various contributing artists (2011)

Get Off My Lawn Number 1, Various contributing artists (Geoffrey Ellis, 2010)

Sunday Mornings at the River #1, Various contributing artists (Sunday Mornings at the River, 2012)

Geolocation, Nate Larson, Marni Shindelman (2011)

We Don’t Owe You a Thing #1, Various contributing artists (Carl Gunhouse & Thomas Marquet, 2013)

HE-RO, Yoo Byungseo (ART & SEOUL, 2011)

Intensive Care, Andrea Stultiens (Uitgeverij d’jonge Hond, 2010)

The Secret History of Khava Gaisanova, Rob Hornstra and Arnold van Bruggen (The Sochi Project, 2013)

First Exposures, SF Cameraworks Youth Mentoring Program (SF Cameraworks Inc., 2006)

C&L, Martin Bachelier and Pierre Seiter (Napoleon Press, 2012)

Found Photos in Detroit, Arianna Arcara and Luca Santese (Cesura Publish, 2012)

#Taksim Calling, Frederic Lezmi (Sunday Books, 2013)

The Singled Person, Various contributing artists (2009)

Halfling Zine Issue 2, Various contributing artists (2013)

Montreal-Paris / Quatre, Pascal Amoyel and Thomas Bouquin (2012)

Monreal- Paris / Trois, Pascal Amoyel and Thomas Bouquin (2012)

Renderness, Geirmundur Klein (2012)

Beat Beat Beat, Martina Maffini and Veronica Mengoli (Kaugummi Books, 2009)

Lengths and Breaths, Lee Ranaldo and Cynthia Connolly (Water Row Press, 2004)

Hired Hand, Stuart Bailes, Bea Fremderman, Ingo Mittelstaedt, Athena Torri (Vandret publications, 2012)

The Farther Shore, Julia Borissova (2013)

Two of Us. Encounters, Elisabeth Tonnard (Elisabeth Tonnard/Visual Studies Workshop Press, 2007)

Fallen Empire, Alex Bocchetto and Valentine Abenavoli (AkinaBooks, 2012)

Cruel and Unusual / PPOTR, Various contributing artists (Aurora Borealis, under the auspices of Noorderlicht, 2012)

Swell, Mateusz Sarello (Instytut Kultury Wizualnej, 2013)

P.I., Nico Bick (Nico Bick, 2011)

The End of la Bella Epoque, Misha Pedan (Khimaira, 2013)

White Noise, Michel Mazzoni (ARP EDITIONS, 2013)

Grays the Mountain Sends, Bryan Schutmaat (SILAS FINCH, 2013)

The Hill That Wasn’t, Stefan Vanthuyne (Art Paper Editions, 2013)

SPE @ Hilton Baltimore
401 West Pratt Street
Baltimore, Maryland, 21201

THIRD FLOOR LOUNGE / March 6-8, 2014
Thursday 11-5
Friday 11-5
Saturday 10-2

Larissa Leclair will be in the iPL space all day Saturday. Please come by and say hi. A few copies of the iPL exhibition catalog “A Survey of Documentary Styles in early 21st century Photobooks” will be available to purchase on Saturday. Cash only.

About the Indie Photobook Library:
Founded by Larissa Leclair in 2010, the Indie Photobook Library is an archive of self-published and indie published photobooks. This includes DIY, photobooks independently published and distributed, photography exhibition catalogs, print-on-demand photobooks, artist books, zines, photobooks printed on newsprint, limited edition photobooks, and non-English language photography books, etc. The iPL promotes and showcases the books in the collection through international pop-up and feature-length exhibitions, articles, conferences, guest lectures, and also preserves them as a non-circulating public library. Having a specific collection dedicated to this contemporary movement in publishing allows for the development of future discourse on trends in self-publishing, the ability to reflect on and compare books in the collection, and for scholarly research to be conducted years, decades, and centuries to come.

The Indie Photobook Library has an open and ongoing submission policy. Photobooks can be donated by the artist, indie publisher, or private collector. All books become part of the permanent collection and are considered for yearly exhibitions.

SMA Negeri 1

SMA Negeri 1 © Marco van Duyvendijk

Title: SMA Negeri 1

Photographer/s: Marco van Duyvendijk

Date of publication: January 2014


Riko © Marco van Duyvendijk

Title: Riko

Photographer/s: Marco van Duyvendijk

Date of publication: January 2014

Love Doll Factory

Love Doll Factory © Marco van Duyvendijk and Xiaoxiao Xu

Title: Love Doll Factory

Photographer/s: Marco van Duyvendijk, Xiaoxiao Xu

Date of publication: March 2013

Clark: My Life

Clark: My Life © Paula Gillen

Title: Clark: My Life

Photographer/s: Paula Gillen, Jack A. Clark, Michael Northrup

Contributor/s: Kris Northrup, Michael Northrup, Paula Gillen, Jack A. Clark

Date of publication: 2012

Winter White Sale

Winter White Sale © Alex Sweetman / Paula Gillen

Title: Winter White Sale

Photographer/s: Alex Sweetman

Contributor/s: Paula Gillen

Date of publication: 2012


Oh, So Big © Paula Gillen

Title: OH, SO BIG

Photographer/s: Paula Gillen

Contributor/s: Collages by Paula Gillen. His & Hers 74 Annual – A Parliament Publication, Players Magazine- October 1978, Duke, Playboy, Hustler, W, and Time magazines.

Date of publication: January 2011


Forgottonia © Bruce Morton


Photographer/s: Bruce Morton

Contributor/s: Aline Smithson (forward)

Date of publication: May 2013