The Oracle@WiFi

The Oracle@WiFi © Beth Lilly

Title: The Oracle@WiFi

Photographer/s: Beth Lilly

Contributor/s: Katherine Ware

Date of publication: August 2012

Stay Young Issue Four

Stay Young Issue Four © Editions Ltd.

Title: Stay Young Issue Four

Photographer/s: Aaron Canipe, Andrew Johnson, Matilda Hill-Jenkins, Michael Thomas, Sasha Kurmaz, Stephanie Noritz, Lola Paprocka, Samuel J. Davison, Andrew Kodama, Tyrone Williams, Daniel Wilson, Lana Adams, Chris Godfrey, Benoît Chailleux, Ben Clement, Doğan Arslanoğlu, Clair Saint-Camille, Jason Hamilton, Jamie Allan Shaw, Cathy Marshall, Luke Pownall, Josie Olivia Stock, Konstantine Borovski, Tracy Nguyen, Matt Gordon Winch & Kelli Pennington.

Date of publication: 2014

Year of the Ghost

Year of the Ghost © Sarah Soquel Morhaim / Editions Ltd.

Title: Year of the Ghost

Photographer/s: Sarah Soquel Morhaim

Date of publication: 2014

All-Time Lotion

All-Time Lotion © Maury Gortemiller

Title: All-Time Lotion

Photographer/s: Maury Gortemiller

Contributor/s: Maury Gortemiller

Date of publication: July, 2014


Oasis, published by Bloom

Title: Oasis

Photographer/s: Aimée Han, Andy Johnson, Barry Mansfield, Ben Clement, Boyz Bieber, Brian Kanagaki, Cathy Marshall, Ché Parker, Christian Belgaux, Christopher Charles, Daniel Luxford, Dania Shihab, David Boyson Cooper, Emma Phillips, Flore Diamant, Hannan Jones, Jack Burton, Jack Harries, Jack Pam, Jack Shelton, Jacob Wallwork, James Whineray, Jason Hamilton, Jay Dymock, Joe Nigel Coleman, Joel Wynn Rees, Jordan Madge, Kovacs, Lauren Bamford, Linsey Gosper, Lloyd Stubber, Lola Paprocka, Luke Schuetrumpf, Luke Van Aurich, Marc Tan, Marcel Rollock, Max Blackmore, Michael Thomas, Mitch Pinney, Natalie Nikitovic, Nicholas Hawker, Pani Paul, Paul John Nelson, Sam Wong, Samantha Hughes, Samuel Davison, Sarah Pannell, Sean Fennessy, Shaun Tompkins and Tom Powell.

Date of publication: August 10th, 2014

Lots of Cake!

Lots of Cake! © Laura Curran

Title: Lots of Cake!

Photographer/s: Laura Curran

Date of publication: June 2014

The West Behind Us

The West Behind Us © Bobby Abrahamson and Lisa Wells

Title: The West Behind Us

Photographer/s: Bobby Abrahamson

Contributor/s: extensive essays and interviews by Lisa Wells

Date of publication: 2014

Come Again When You Can’t Stay So Long

Come Again When You Can't Stay Long © Tara Wray

Title: Come Again When You Can’t Stay So Long

Photographer/s: Tara Wray

Contributor/s: Tara Wray

Date of publication: 2014

Spook Light Chronicles vol. 2 – the phosphorescent man

Spook Light Chronicles vol. 2 - the phosphorescent man © Lara Shipley & Antone Dolezal

Title: Spook Light Chronicles vol. 2 – the phosphorescent man

Photographer/s: Lara Shipley & Antone Dolezal

Date of publication: June, 2014

The Indie Photobook Library and Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive in Washington, DC September 20



Pop-up Exhibition of the Indie Photobook Library and Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive

Saturday, September 20, 2014 from 11-6pm
Talk by Larissa Leclair and Christine McFetridge 4:30-5:30pm

Hosted by Leica
977 F Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004
(202) 787-5900

The Indie Photobook Library welcomes the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive to the United States! Come join us in DC for the third stop in the APPA’s roadtrip of pop-up exhibitions. For the first time ever, the iPL and APPA will exhibit together contemporary self-published photobooks from around the world from both of their permanent collections. Browse almost 100 titles, socialize, be inspired, get creative!

Modeled after the Indie Photobook Library, founded by Larissa Leclair in 2010 and based in the DC area, the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive (APPA) is a unique collection of self-published, limited edition, and handmade photobooks and zines whose sole purpose is the promotion of photographic work/books from the Asia-Pacific region. The AP region has some of the most exciting and vibrant photographic work being produced currently – due to economic and, sometimes, political and social constraints, photobooks from most countries in the AP region are not able to be seen at fairs and festivals internationally, and do not get shortlisted for the top awards in the USA and Europe. The Archive redresses this balance by getting copies directly from the photographers themselves, from countries big and small in the Asia-Pacific region and then traveling to events and festivals worldwide to show and promote these books; these books are ones that would not be seen and experienced otherwise. In 2013 the Archive traveled to Tokyo, Cambodia, and Malaysia, and in 2014 with huge collection of books now in the Archive we are traveling to the USA to bring a selection of photobooks never before seen in North America.

The Archive has a permanent home in Melbourne, Australia, which is open to the public, researchers, artists, and institutions. The Archive also runs photobook talks, workshops, competitions, discussions, advisory sessions, and helps unknown Asia-Pacific photographers to get their work published. The Archive is directed by Daniel Boetker-Smith; Daniel is also the founder of Photobook Melbourne, an international photobook festival happening in February 2015 in Melbourne.

Join the facebook event.


Becky Nunes, Co-Orbital
Camilo Bustamante, Duck vee do si… Lido, Hong Kong
Chie Murakami, Japanese Girl
Chie Murakami, Island
Chris Leskovsek, Observations No. 2
Chuchuart, ?
Clinton Hayden, Fugue
Dina Gadia, Buxxxom Grind
Dirty Right Brain magaZINE, I’m Hard Worker
Emma Phillips, Volcan
Fujiwara Atsushi, Butterfly had a dream
Hiro Imai, Bangkok
Huang Qingjun and Ma Hongjie, Family Stuff
Isabella Capezio, Compōnere, To Construct
Jacob Raupach, Radiata
Jiang Yue, Inessential
Jippy Pascua, Half and Half
Kanako Sasaki,Ukiyo
Karl Binger, The Green Cresent Classifieds and Supplements
Leon Qu, Glass 2
Li Jun, Impermanent Instant
Li Kejun, The Good Earth
Linsay Vavari, Return to Me
Lui Waitong, Rust of Time
Luo Changwei, Da Qin Island
Louis Porter, Conflict Resolution
Louis Reith, Jordskred Två
Luke Moran Morris, Riders of Phanom
Luke van Aurich, Thanks but not thanks
Miki Iwanaga, Carnelian
Miti Raungkritya, Thai Politics No. 2
Miti Raungkritya, Thai Politics No. 3
Mohini Chandra, Album Pacifica
Nadia J. Mahfix, [n]
Nguan, How Loneliness Goes
Pablo Bartholomew, The Calcutta Diaries
Pulp Matter, Tough Guys
Rennie Ellis, Cup Fever
Risu, Moon
Robyn Daly, Collingwood: Volume One
Saori Ninomiya, Requiem
Sarah Pannell and Nicholas Hawker, Hyper Observation No. 01
Sean Fennessy, Gold
Shireen Seno, Trunks
Shuichiro Shibata, Bus Stop
Sigue Sigue, Saturnino Basilla
Simon Aubor, Document A: Hidden
Solomon Mortimer, Solomon’s Travels: Volume One
Sun Yanchu, Obsessed
Various (Bernhard Handick, Brian Sergio, Everywhere We Shoot, Fade Longboy, Inez Moro, Lena Vazhenina, Mike Spears, MM Yu) Chop Suey
Various (Pub. Bec Capp) street/stop
Various (Pub. Lloyd Stubber) Oasis
Various Tribal Kitchen: The Aytlas
Vincent Huang, Eyes in the Air
Yi Hui, Winds from Aydingkol
Yoshikatsu Fujii, Welcome Home
Weilun Chong, Please Mind the Gap: Singapore
William Sim, T(in)y
We Chenghuan, Street Fighters
Zhao Lei, Rock Songs


Andrea Stultiens, Intensive Care
Andres Medina, Nebula
Andrew Youngson, Aida
AntiKira, Kristof Guez
Anton Kusters, mono no aware
Arianna Arcara, Luca Santese, Found Photos in Detroit
Arthur Meyerson, Color of Light
Arthur Tress, Barcelona Unfolds
Ben Rasmussen, Home
Benny Asrul, Monochromia Botanica
Bryan Schutmatt, Grays the Mountain Sends
Carolyn Drake, Two Rivers
Christopher Colville, Movements and the Iceland Trilogy
Douglas Stockdale, Ciociaria
Emily Shur, The Woods
Florian Reischauer, Pieces of Berlin
Florian van Roekel, Fear of Fall
Fujiwara Atsushi, Mangokusho
Gita Lenz, Gita Lenz
Graham Vaughn, Palermo
Henrik Malmstrom, On Borrowed Time
Illusion of Traquility, Francois deladerrier
Irina Popova, Another Family
Italo Morales, Overnight Generation
Jan Dirk van der Berg, Censorship Daily
Jay Tyrrell, Weather
Juan Valbuena, Noray
Kevin Kunishi, Los Restos de la Revolucion
Kevin Kunishi, Los Restos de la Revolucion
Kris Vervaeke, Ad Infinitum
Maggie Harrsen, Kanoa
Marco Grabowiecki, babie lato
Marco van Duyvendijk, Eastward Bound
Maria Sprowls, Adieu Mademoiselle
Mark Nozeman, bor
Max Pinckers, Will They Sing Like Raindrops or Leave Me Thirsty
Nick Brandt, On this Earth, A Shadow Falls
Nicolo Degiorgis, Hidden Islam
Paul Gaffney, We Make the Path by Walking
Paula McCartney, A Field Guide to Snow and Ice
Paula McCartney, On This Ice
Paula McCartney, Bird Watching
Paula McCartney, Book of Trees
Per England, Passenger Seat
Rafal Milach, Black Sea of Concrete
Rob Hornstra, The Secret History of Khava Gaisanova
Robert Zhao, A Guide to the Flora and Fauna of the World
Stefan Bladh, The Family
Tammy Mercure, 12 Nashville Waffle Houses
Telos, Clay Harmon
various, Peninsula
various, Tell Mum Everything is OK
Vasantha Yogananthan, Piemanson
Wawi Navarroza, Dominion
Wawi Navarroza, Hunt & Gather, Terraria
Yanina Shevchenko, Crossing Over
Ying Ang, Gold Coast