The Groovy Lucifer Project

Title: The Groovy Lucifer Project

Photographer/s: Dennis Stewart

Date of publication: 10/13/2010


Title: 155mm

Photographer/s: Gemma Pascual

Contributor/s: Textos: Ingles / Español.
Por: Monika Horstmann, Águeda B. Esteban Gallego, Eduardo Momeñe, marie genevieve alquier b.

Date of publication: Junio 2012

please look dont hang on the ropes

Title: please look dont hang on the ropes

Photographer/s: alex mctigue

Date of publication: 2012

18 % Grey

Title: 18 % Grey

Photographer/s: Flo Kohl

Date of publication: 11/ 2012

Ned & Betty – a toy story

Title: Ned & Betty – a toy story

Photographer/s: Bill Purvis

Date of publication: October 31, 2012

Weather: Four Seasons on Howe Sound

Title: Weather: Four Seasons on Howe Sound

Photographer/s: Jay Tyrrell

Contributor/s: Original poem by Ulrich Schaffer
forward by Karen Sinsheimer

Date of publication: 2009


Title: Contiguity

Photographer/s: Scott Hubener

Date of publication: 2012

Pferde & Autos

Title: Pferde & Autos

Photographer/s: Clara Bahlsen

Date of publication: 2011

Fallen Empire

Title: Fallen Empire

Photographer/s: Alex Bocchetto & Valentina Abenavoli

Date of publication: october 2012

Blue Mud Swamp

Title: Blue Mud Swamp

Photographer/s: Filipe Casaca

Contributor/s: Mingyu Wu

Date of publication: October 2012