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Photographer/s: Amy Elkins
Anja Niemi
Jeff Bark
Phillip Toledano
Roger Weiss
Stephen Gill
Wayne Lawrence

Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman
Martin Bogren
Monika Merva
Shawn Rocco
Tabitha Soren

Date of publication: 2012-08-02

Diffusion: Unconventional Photography, Volume IV (softcover)

Title: Diffusion: Unconventional Photography, Volume IV (softcover)

Photographer/s: Jennifer B Hudson
John Chervinsky
Leah MacDonald
Jim Leisy
Susan kae Grant
Ken Rosenthal
Polly Chandler
Jody Ake
S. Gayle Stevens
Heidi Kirkpatrick
Bryan David Griffith
Hiroshi Hayakawa
Fritz Liedtke
Ray Bidegain
Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman
Anna Low
Corinne Perry
Beth Devillier
Rachel Wolf
Dan Herrera
other various photographers

Contributor/s: Susan Burnstine
Jennifer Schlesinger
Aline Smithson
Blue Mitchell
Ryan Nabulsi
Jeffrey Baker
Kristy Hruska
Danielle Hughson
Nicole Sharkey

Date of publication: 2012

collect.give: the book

Title: collect.give: the book

Photographer/s: Jane Fulton Alt, Malu Alvarez, Jonathan Blaustein, Mark Brautigam, Jesse Burke, Barbara Ciurej & Lindsay Lochman, Katrina d’Autremont, Amy Eckert, Matt Eich, Jon Feinstein, Sarina Finkelstein, Elizabeth Fleming, Max. S. Gerber, Meggan Gould, Andrew Hetherington, Geoffrey Hiller, Peter Hoffman, Jon Horvath, Ben Huff, Dave Jordano, Stella Kalaw, Melissa Kaseman, Liz Kuball, Shane Lavalette, David Leventi, John Loomis, S. Billie Mandle, Kerry Mansfield, Mark Menjivar, Kevin J. Miyazaki, Annie Marie Musselman, Colleen Plumb, Susana Raab, Shawn Records, Ellen Rennard, Dalton Rooney, Jonathan Saunders, Manjari Sharma, Daniel Shea, Kelly Shimoda, Emily Shur, Allison V. Smith, Aline Smithson, Brea Souders, Sarah Sudhoff, Jake Stangel, Lacey Terrell, Sonja Thomsen, Susan Worsham and David Wright.

Contributor/s: Crista Dix, Darius Himes, Lisa Hostetler, Rachel Hulin, Miki Johnson, Larissa Leclair, Wally Mason, George Slade, Amy Stein and Alison Zavos.

Date of publication: November 2011