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Papersafe Issue 03: The World and the Totality of Facts

Papersafe Issue 02: The World and the Totality of Facts

Title: Papersafe Issue 03: The World and the Totality of Facts

Photographer/s: Alexi Hobbs, Tom Griggs, Pauline Magnenat, Joanne Ratajczak, Wouter Van de Voorde, James Bennett, Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt, Alex Crétey Systermans

Contributor/s: Jessica Dean Camp, Cole Don Kelley

Date of publication: October 2014

Papersafe Issue 01: Sage

Papersafe I: Sage

Title: Papersafe Issue 01: Sage

Photographer/s: Adam Neese, Erin Shipley, Aleksey Kondratyev, Ben McNutt, Carl Gunhouse, Choresh Wald, Elisha Baskin, Erich Deleeuw, Ilia Yefimovitch, Jaclyn Wright, E. Jane, Jenna Westra, John M. O’Toole, Jon Campolo, Juan Madrid, Justin Visnesky, Kat Slootsky, Marc Falzon, Meggan Gould, Mia Selena D’Avanza, Mohammed Alkouh, Nathaniel Grann, Peter Wiklund, Phil Bergevin, Rebecca Perriello, Shawn Gust, Stacy Renee Morrison, Suzanna Zak, Tammy Mercure, Paige Mazurek

Contributor/s: Alex Sinclair

Date of publication: March 2014

Memory Full #3: Nice To See You

Nice to See You

Title: Memory Full #3: Nice To See You

Photographer/s: Jonathan Campolo, Phil Elverum, Chris Fowler, Nate Grossman, Carl Gunhouse, Noah Kalina, Michael McCraw, Steven Reynolds, Jody Rogac, Tess Scheflan, David Shannon-Lier, Ginevra Shay, Annie Sollinger, Jocko Weyland

Date of publication: December 2013

Incandescent Issue 5

Incandescent 5

Title: Incandescent Issue 5

Photographer/s: Arianna Sanesi / Audra Locicero / Brett Skarbakka / Carl Gunhouse / Chan Tak Kei / Christine Armbruster / David Egan / Derek Henderson / Ethan Aaro Jones / Ioana Cirlig / Jason Vaughn / Jillian Freyer / Matt Hurst / Michael Cardiello / Mike Finkelstein / Nataly Levich / Nicholas Swan / Pascal Amoyel / Sinziana Velicescu / Varvara Lozenko

Contributor/s: Paul Cavanagh (introduction)

Date of publication: January 2014

We Don’t Owe You A Thing #2

We Don't Owe You A Thing 2

Title: We Don’t Owe You A Thing #2

Photographer/s: Carl Gunhouse, Keith Sullivan, Joseph Michael Lopez, Jason Wurm

Contributor/s: Thomas Marquet, Guy Nelson, Jacob Rhodes, Jonathan Lux

Date of publication: March 2013

We Don’t Owe You A Thing #1

We Don't Owe You A Thing 1

Title: We Don’t Owe You A Thing #1

Photographer/s: Carl Gunhouse, Tim Davis, Jon Feinstein, Colin Smith, Chris Mottalini, Matthew Crowther, Sarah Martin, Ginevra Shay

Contributor/s: Thomas Marquet, Jesse Jones, Harley Flanagan, Kerry Law, Dan Brennan, Micah Malone, Christian Holland

Date of publication: March 2013

Everything That Rises Must Converge

Title: Everything That Rises Must Converge

Photographer/s: Heyward Hart, Joseph Michael Lopez, Andrew Laumann, Trevor Powers, RaMell Ross, Irina Rozovsky

Contributor/s: Carl Gunhouse, Ginevra Shay

Date of publication: 2012

American Desire

Title: American Desire

Photographer/s: Carl Gunhouse

Date of publication: 2011

The Promise of Real Estate

Title: The Promise of Real Estate

Photographer/s: Carl Gunhouse
Christine Rogers
Rachel Boillot
Tiana Peterson

Contributor/s: Chris McGee
Lauren Portada
Tom Marquet

Date of publication: 2010

Emerging Photographers

Title: Emerging Photographers

Photographer/s: Stacy Renee Morrison
Carl Gunhouse
Andrew Atkinson
Matt Kaelin

Date of publication: 2009