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romka magazine #6

Title: romka magazine #6

Photographer/s: Aitor Gametxo, Aline Smithson, Andrea Bakacs, Anne Schwalbe, Aoife O’Dwyer, Arun Sood, Asya Baranova, Beni Bischof, Cara Tobe,Carlos Café, Chang Ming Lee, Cristina Santa Quiteria, Dan Elstone, Daniel Hanselmann, Diego Ramone, Elena Ayllon, Emese Benko, Emilie Martin, Felix Werbowy, Florian Kaps, Giulio Ghirardi, Haiko Hebig, Jan von Holleben, Jerry Hsu, Jim Mortram, Joachim Robert, Jörg Brüggemann, Johan Strindberg, Josefin Vilén, Kat de Mesa, Liah Moss, Lisa Wassmann, Maarten Boswijk, Maciej Tabola, Maks Klaat, Maria Datsykova, Mark Regester, Martin Petersen, Mateusz Duszenko, Michael Ivnitsky, Miklos Boros, Mohammadreza Mirzaei, Monika Mogi, Nadya Koroleva, Naruemon Puriso, Nicolai H. & Trine S., Nina Ahn, Noah Kalina, Owen Ashworth, Pablo Maestres, Pedro Florentini, Pendleton Ward, Peter Hoffmann, Petr Boruta, Rachel Growden, Rudolph J. Razo, Reilly Hodgson, Sarah Small, Sena Cetin, Sonia Mielnikiewicz, Sophia Moreno-Bunge, Spencer Wohlrab, Tanja Bresan, Victoria Baraga, Vincent Gillan, Vinna Laudico, Xoan Garcia Huguet, Paul Kwiatkowski

Date of publication: December 2011


Title: 11-21

Photographer/s: Jan von Holleben

Contributor/s: Text: Petra Coronato

Date of publication: 2007

Mutatis mutandis

Title: Mutatis Mutandis

Photographer/s: Jan von Holleben

Contributor/s: Sergei Sviatchenko

Date of publication: 2009

Dreams of Flying 2

Title: Dreams of Flying 2

Photographer/s: Jan von Holleben

Date of publication: 2008

The Snowbed

Title: The Snowbed

Photographer/s: Jan von Holleben

Contributor/s: Sasha Waltz
Juan Kruz Diaz de Garaio Esnaola

Date of publication: 2008

Ho Ho Ho

Title: Ho Ho Ho

Photographer/s: Jan von Holleben

Date of publication: 2010

photodebut – A Case Study

Title: photodebut – A Case Study

Photographer/s: Aaron Schuman
Afshin Dehkordi
Ali Mobasser
Alys Tomlinson
Andre Principe
Ariane Severin
Ben Roberts
Esther Teichmann
Gael Roussel
Hin Chua
Jan Ebeling
Jan von Holleben
Karoline Hjorth
Lisa Barber
Matt Burgess
Maxine Beuret
Michelle Sank
Nilu Izadi
Parisa Taghizadeh
Patricia Niven
Ralf Obergfell
Richard Mosse
Rob Batchelor
Scotia Luhrs
Sue Meures
Stephen Ledger-Lomas
Thomas Brown
Valentine Schmidt
Vanessa Wenwieser

Contributor/s: Fiona Hayes
Mark Sinclair
Helen James

Date of publication: 2009