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Indie Photobook Library X APPA

APPAxiPL Melbourne

The Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive (APPA) is hosting a micro-exhibition featuring 7 books on loan from the Indie Photobook Library, (iPL) Washington DC. These books will be on view in Melbourne in the first of APPAxiPL collaborations in Australia. The books include some amazing, unique award winning books from the last couple of years.

Stop by and take a peek.

Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive
395 Gore St, Fitzroy, Melbourne, 3065

Thursday to Saturday 11-6pm


We Make The Path By Walking – Paul Gaffney

Tell Mum Everything Is Ok #5 – Maxime Milanesi + Claire Schvartz

Dive Dark Dream Slow – Melissa Catanese

Los Restos De La Revolucion – Kevin Kunishi / Daylight

The Secret History of Khava Gaisanova and the North Caucasus – Rob Hornstra & Arnold van Bruggen (The Sochi Project)

Passenger Seat – Per Englund

Beautiful Pig – Ben Schonberger (1st edition)


Thank you to Daniel Boetker-Smith and Christine McFetridge.


From the Archives © Don Hudson / Editions FP&CF


Photographer/s: DON HUDSON

Date of publication: OCTOBER 2012

Dirty Negative

Title: Dirty negative

Photographer/s: JEREMY JANSEN

Date of publication: NOVEMBER 2011



Photographer/s: – Alec Soth

– Ali Bosworth

– Andrew Laumann

– Andrew Phelps

– Axel Stevens

– Brendan Baker and Daniel Evans

– Christian Flatscher

– Christian Patterson

– Clare Strand

– Damien Brailly

– Ed Panar

– Guillaume Maraud

– Irina Yulieva

– Jaap Scheeren

– Jason Fulford

– Jeremy R. Jansen

– Jordan Small

– Juan Ramon Rincon

– Kenny Hurtado

– KK + TF – Klara Källström and Thobias Fäldt

– Laëtitia Donval

– Lara Dhondt

– Maciek Požoga

– Maxime Milanesi

– Peter Halupka

– Roger Ballen

– Santa Katkute

– Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs

– Thomas Albdorf

– Timothy Briner

– Torbjørn Rødland

Date of publication: NOVEMBER 2011

Tell mum everything is ok – issue 4 – “Waste Ground”

Title: Tell mum everything is ok – issue 4 – “Waste Ground”

– Aleksander Kelpman

– Alexander Gronsky

– Casey McGonagle

– Charlie Engman

– Clayton Lee

– Cyrille Weiner

– Daniel Grant

– Daniel Shea

– Delaney Allen

– Dustin Aksland

– Erin Hanson

– Erwan Morère

– Franck Juery

– Hildegunn Larsen

– Nick White

– Innis McAllister

– JH Engström

– John Mann

– Kate Steciw

– Lin Zhipeng

– Margot Wallard

– Mathieu Lambert

– Matthieu Gafsou

– Max Peake

– Maxime Milanesi

– Michael Cinque

– Missy Prince

– Nich Kunz

– Nicholas Gottlund

– Nick White

– Pierre Letulzo

– Raoul Gatepin

– Santiago Mostyn

– Sean Stewart

– Sebastian Mlynarski

– Stephanie Gonot

– Stevie Dacanay

– Tommy Nease

– Yann Lélias

– You Li

Date of publication: January 2011