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No Thoughts 11

No Thoughts 11

No Thoughts 11

Photographer/s: Alex Wein, Amanda Jasnowski, Anouk Deville, Camilla D’alfonso, Charlie Brophy, Cole Barash, Dania Shihab, Danny Lane, David Daub, David Richardson, Die Zwei, Dogan Arslanoglu, Dusdin Condren, Esther Voisin, Evan Tetreault, Harry Gould Harvey, Isolde Woudstra, Ivan Fucich, Jacqueline Zilberberg, Jaime Salazar, Jesse Untracht-oakner, Jimmy Fontaine, Joe Perri, Joseph Zentil, Josh Hydeman, Kealan Shilling, Lasse Dearman, Luis Mora, Mark Rubenstein, Micaela McLucas, Michael Barolet, Michael Danischewski, Michael J DeMeo, Michael O’Shea, Nina Mouritzen, Nom Nom Vega, Patrick Moore, Ray Lego, Reid Haithcock, Richard Eriksen, Richard Perkins, Samuel Quinn, Shauna Bilicic, Tafv Sampson, Yusuke Yamatani

Date of publication: Spring / Summer 2014


Vegas © No Thoughts

Title: Vegas

Photographer/s: Joseph Zentil & Michael J DeMeo

Date of publication: March 2013

No Thoughts 9

Title: No Thoughts 9

Photographer/s: Andy Jones
Ashley Anthony
Augie Ruiz
Brad Elterman
Brandon Aighty
Dania Shihab
David Richardson
Diego Diez
Elizabeth Weinberg
Esther Voisin
Evan Klanfer
Evan Tetreault
Gavin Thomas
Hana Pesut
Isolde Woudstra
J Caldwell
Jesse Untracht-Oakner
Jimmy Fontaine
John Cates
Katja Kremenic
Kubiat Nnamdie
Lasse Dearman
Matt Sanchez
Michael Ast
Michael Barolet
Michael J DeMeo
Nuno Moreira
Olivia Locher
Steven Alan
Todd Fisher
Tommy Sussex
Ulrike Biets

Date of publication: Dec 2012

No Thoughts 8

Title: No Thoughts 8

Photographer/s: Aaron Feaver

Alexander Bergstrom

Alyssa Noches

Amanda Jasnowski

Ashley Anthony

Brad Elterman

Brad Westcott

Carlos C. Pinto

Daniel Tepper

David Richardson

Eddy Pula

Federico Kenis

Flo Fox

Heiner Luepke

Martin Hulten

Megan McIsaac

Michael Ast

Michael Barolet

Michael J DeMeo

Misel Gas

Ray Lego

Rhys Balmer

Ruth Swanson

Samuel Quinn

Thomas Van Der Zaag

Zoe McLean

front cover: Synchrodogs

back cover: Aaron Feaver

Date of publication: July 2012


Title: Rue

Photographer/s: Michael J DeMeo

Date of publication: April 22nd 2012