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Eastward Bound

Title: Eastward Bound

Photographer/s: Marco van Duyvendijk

Contributor/s: Texts by Wim van Sinderen, Olaf Tempelman, Weina and Marco van Duyvendijk

Date of publication: April 2010

east eats west eats east us thing

Title: east eats west eats east us thing

Photographer/s: david tin mouth

Date of publication: August 2010

On Borrowed Time

Title: On Borrowed Time

Photographer/s: Henrik Malmström

Contributor/s: Jörn Donner

Date of publication: 29/03/2010

Waterfall: Everyone Has Their Own Rooms

Title: Waterfall: Everyone Has Their Own Rooms

Photographer/s: (In order of appearance)

Jennilee Marigomen
Joscha Bruckert
Andrew Kenney
Virginia del Río
Lukasz Wierzbowski
Peter Puklus
Kirill Savateev
Hasisi Park
Paula Muhr
Sasaki Kanako
Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek
Maryanne Casasanta
Jess Gough
Marlon Kowalski
Amy Stein
Sarah Hermans
Kaj Lehmann
Carolin Walch

Contributor/s: Son Ni, Shih-Shung Hwang, Yan-Wei Cheng, Yu-en Hsieh, Yine Chang, Albert Allgaier, Hadas Tapouchi, Shu-Shai Yan, Chun-Han Chen, Mengxi Zhang

Date of publication: 15.3.2010

Lost in Learning: The Art of Discovery

Title: Lost in Learning: The Art of Discovery

Photographer/s: Eva Koleva Timothy

Contributor/s: Ralph Windle (Foreword)
Adam Timothy (Essay)

Date of publication: 09/01/2010

Before Things Change

Title: Before Things Change

Photographer/s: Seth Fluker

Contributor/s: Britt Rawlinson

Date of publication: January 2010

low land – high hills

Title: low land – high hills

Photographer/s: Andrea Stultiens

Contributor/s: Frits Gerritsen, and several migrants who live in the Pitt Polder

Date of publication: August 2007


Title: Kitintale

Photographer/s: Yann Gross

Date of publication: 2010

Tell mum everything is ok – issue 2 – “Outsiders”

Title: Tell mum everything is ok – issue 2 – “Outsiders”

Photographer/s: Various artists :

– Adriana Petit
– Ana Himes
– Andrew James
– Anthony Earl Smith
– Bridget Collins
– Bryan Formhals
– Charlie Engman
– Chih-Han Hsu
– Chris Taylor
– David Meskhi
– David Semeniuk
– Dmytrij Wulfius
– Elkie Vanstiphout
– Ewa Kniaziak
– Francesco Ercolini
– Frank Loriou
– J A Mortram
– Jason Hynes
– Joe Skilton
– Jukka Reverberi
– Julia Galdo
– Kaj Lehmann
– Keith Davis Young
– Kelley Smith
– Léo Mauger
– Lina Scheynius
– Luis Torres
– Lukasz Wierzbowski
– Marlon Kowalski
– Matt Hutchinson
– Matt Martin
– Michelle K. Anderson
– Mónica Pertiñez Ceballos
– Natalia Urazmetova
– Patrick Tsai
– Pierre Wayser
– Randall Phenning
– Raoul Gatepin
– Ross Jenkinson
– Sarah Bernhard
– Swampdonkey Swampy
– Sylvain-Emmanuel Prieur
– Tagger Yancey IV
– Teresa Frausin
– Thong Van
– Tim Barber
– Tim Singleton
– Tyffany Frazier
– Vincent Bordet
– Wei-I Lee
– William Rugen

Date of publication: January 2010

Rural Studio Bonus Album

Title: Rural Studio Bonus Album

Photographer/s: Cynthia Connolly

Contributor/s: featured are the names of about 100 architect students who attended the Rural Studio before 2003, I would consider them contributors, as this postcard booklet would not exist with out them!

Date of publication: May 2003