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Aint-Bad Magazine Vol. 3 No. 1 “From Here On”

AintBad 3

Title: Aint-Bad Magazine Vol. 3 No. 1 “From Here On”

Photographer/s: 180 artists (Aaron Canipe, Antone Dolezal, Ben Schonberger, Brett Kallusky, Chris Bennett, Jay Seawell, Jeff Rich, John Steck Jr, Lara Shipley, Paccarik Orue, Pascal Amoyel, Rebecca Nolan, Sara Macel, Sarah Pannell, Tammy Mercure, Thomas Bouquin)

Contributor/s: Randall Edwards, Frank Young, Richard Barnes, Lisa Young

Date of publication: March 2015

Stay Young Issue Five

Stay Young Issue Five

Title: Stay Young Issue Five

Photographer/s: Mikhail Khokhlov, Christina Renee Jorro, Harisson Moss, Sara Quinn, Sergey MeInitchenko, Jonathan Pui, James Reynolds, Landon Speers, Jamie Hladky, Jamie Campbell, Éanna de Fréine, Pascal Amoyel, Danny Giglia, Liam Henry, Josh Stewart, Juan Madrid, Robert Cameron, Jordi Huisman, Nicholas Hawker, Sarah Pannell, Sam Bush & Lauren Roche

Date of publication: October, 2014

Incandescent Issue 5

Incandescent 5

Title: Incandescent Issue 5

Photographer/s: Arianna Sanesi / Audra Locicero / Brett Skarbakka / Carl Gunhouse / Chan Tak Kei / Christine Armbruster / David Egan / Derek Henderson / Ethan Aaro Jones / Ioana Cirlig / Jason Vaughn / Jillian Freyer / Matt Hurst / Michael Cardiello / Mike Finkelstein / Nataly Levich / Nicholas Swan / Pascal Amoyel / Sinziana Velicescu / Varvara Lozenko

Contributor/s: Paul Cavanagh (introduction)

Date of publication: January 2014

Montreal-Paris / CINQ

Montreal-Paris / CINQ © Pascal Amoyel & Thomas Bouquin

Title: Montreal-Paris / CINQ

Montreal-Paris / Quatre

Title: Montreal-Paris / Quatre

Photographer/s: Pascal Amoyel
Thomas Bouquin

Date of publication: November 2012

TROIS, Paris-Montréal

Title: TROIS, Paris-Montréal

Photographer/s: Pascal Amoyel
Thomas Bouquin

Date of publication: April 2012

DEUX, Paris-Montréal

Title: DEUX, Paris-Montréal

Photographer/s: Pascal Amoyel
Thomas Bouquin

Date of publication: January 2012

UN, Montréal-Paris

Title: UN, Montréal-Paris

Photographer/s: Pascal Amoyel
Thomas Bouquin

Date of publication: 2011 July