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Palmwine & The Grass Cutter

Title: Palmwine & The Grass Cutter

Photographer/s: Nick Neubeck

Date of publication: 05/15/2006

The Well Ain’t Dry

Title: The Well Ain’t Dry

Photographer/s: Cody Chandler

Date of publication: March 2010

Smoke Bath

Title: Smoke Bath

Photographer/s: Abby Portner, Ahndraya Parlato, Ajit Chauhan, Albert Maysles, Alec Soth, Alexander Binder, Alex Sturrock, Ali Bosworth, Andre Simmons, Andrew Laumann, Andrew Guenther, Andrew N Shirley, Andrew Sutherland, Angela Boatwright, Anya Jasbar, Aram Tanis, Ariko Inaoka, Arik Roper, Aurelian Arbet JSBJ, Beezer, Ben Pier, Boogie, Brad Troemel, Brion Nuda Rosch, Cali DeWitt, Camille Vivier, Carola Bonfili, Cheryl Dunn, Chris Johanson, Christian Belgaux, Christian Patterson, Coley Brown, Collier Schorr, Dana Goldstein, David Aron, David Potes, Dominic Neitz, Donniella Davy, Dylan Reece, Eden Batki, Ed Templeton, Erik Kessels, Erik Van Der Weijde, Fabian Zapatka, Francine Spiegel, Fumie Ishii, Gary Trinh, Gerhard Stochl, Gregory Halpern, Hamilton Morris, Henk Wildschut, Ian Helwig, Irina Rozovsky, Jack Greer, Jason Lee, Jason Polan, Jeff Luker, Jennifer Shear, Jennilee Marigomen, Jeremie Egry JSBJ, Jeremy & Claire Weiss, Jeremy Jones, Jim Mangan, Joe Roberts, Jonnie Craig, Jordan Awan, Josh Slater, Julia Chiang, Julia Solis, Junichi Sakamoto, Justine Kurland, Kate Steciw, Keiko Ichinose, Kelie Bowman, Kelly Reichardt, Kento Mori, Kevin Romaniuk, Kevin Spanky Long, Kevin Trageser, Kevin van Braak, Klara Källström & Thobias Fäldt, Landon Metz, Lele Saveri, Lester B Morrison, Lindsey Elsaesser, Lindsey White, Linus Bill, Luke Barber-Smith, Madi Ju, Maggie Lee, Marius Nilsen, Mark Borthwick, Mark Cross, Mark DeLong, Mark McKnight, Massimiliano Bomba, Mat O’Brien, Matt Anderson, Matt Dilmore, Maya de Forest, Michael Worful, Michelle Blade, Mike Brodie, Mike O’Meally, Mike Pare, Misaki Kawai & Justin Waldron, Misha Hollebach, Naomi Fisher, Natalie So, Nicholas Gottlund, Nicholas Haggard, Nick Neubeck, Nicolas Poillot JSBJ, Oliver Sutherland, Patrick Griffin, Patrick O’Dell, Paul Schiek, Paul Wackers, Pete Volker, Peter Beste, Peter Langer, Peter Sutherland, Peter Vogl, Philippe Gerlach, Philip Watts, Ray Potes, Richard Prince, Richard Renaldi, Rob Abeyta, Robin Schwartz, Ron Jude, Sake Kota, Sam Falls, Santiago Mostyn, Sean McFarland, Seth Fluker, Simon Bernheim & Estelle Hanania, Skye Parrott, Sophie Morner, Susannah Sayler, Swoon, Takashi Homma, Tao Lin, Tetsunori Tawaraya, Thomas Jeppe, Till Gerhard, Timothy Hull, Todd Jordan, Todd Hido, Tod Seelie, Tomoo Gokita, Tony Cox, Victoria Yee Howe, Vincent Dermody, Young Kyu Yoo, and Yuri Shibuya

Date of publication: 04/23/2010

Pause, to Begin Catalogue

Title: Pause, to Begin Catalogue

Photographer/s: Matthew Gamber, Tealia Ellis-Ritter, John Mann, Colin Blakely, Shawn Records, Thomas Prior, Hin Chua, Sonja Thomsen, Brea Souders, Timothy Briner, Alejandro Cartagena, Erika Larsen, Matthew Eich, Shannon Johnstone, Shawn Gust

Contributor/s: Ethan Jones, David Wright, Susan Morelock, Joyce Tenneson, John Paul Caponigro, Cig Harvey

Date of publication: January 2010

On the Edge of Somewhere

Title: On the Edge of Somewhere

Photographer/s: Steve Giovinco

Date of publication: 2010

Two Months’ Salary

Title: Two Months’ Salary

Photographer/s: Lee Gainer

Date of publication: Oct. 2009

Rural Studio Bonus Album

Title: Rural Studio Bonus Album

Photographer/s: Cynthia Connolly

Contributor/s: featured are the names of about 100 architect students who attended the Rural Studio before 2003, I would consider them contributors, as this postcard booklet would not exist with out them!

Date of publication: May 2003

Lengths and Breaths

Title: Lengths and Breaths

Photographer/s: Cynthia Connolly

Contributor/s: Lee Ranaldo is the poet, and key player in this book

Date of publication: 2004

Banned in DC

Title: Banned in DC

Photographer/s: Bert Queroz, Cynthia Connolly, Leslie Clague, Lucian Perkins, Lloyd Wolf, Jim Saah, Rebecca Hammel, Jay Rabinowitz, Tiffany Pruitt, Sharon Cheslow, Michael Salkind and many more

Contributor/s: Cynthia Connolly, Leslie Clague, Sharon Cheslow and Lydia Ely

Date of publication: December 1988

Alpine Star

Title: Alpine Star

Photographer/s: Ron Jude

Date of publication: April 2006