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Pause, to Begin Catalogue

Title: Pause, to Begin Catalogue

Photographer/s: Matthew Gamber, Tealia Ellis-Ritter, John Mann, Colin Blakely, Shawn Records, Thomas Prior, Hin Chua, Sonja Thomsen, Brea Souders, Timothy Briner, Alejandro Cartagena, Erika Larsen, Matthew Eich, Shannon Johnstone, Shawn Gust

Contributor/s: Ethan Jones, David Wright, Susan Morelock, Joyce Tenneson, John Paul Caponigro, Cig Harvey

Date of publication: January 2010

Video: Kitintale, Yann Gross

Kitintale the book from Yann Gross on Vimeo.


Title: Kitintale

Photographer/s: Yann Gross

Date of publication: 2010

Photojournale Connections Across A Human Planet

Title: Photojournale Connections Across A Human Planet

Photographer/s: Peter A Calvin, Jiri Tondl, Michael Fox, Lisa Hogben, Erik Messori, Alfonso De Castro, Morgan Hagar, Jonathan Taylor, Jaime R Carrero, Jan Sochor, Alex Masi, Teresita Chavarria, Agnieszka Balut, Igor Sherman, Jamie Bailey, Hes Mundt, Alfredo Munoz, Walter Gaya, Rick Carter, Petr Antonov, Sam Bienstock, Ouria Tadmor, Jeroen Leonhard, Gabriela Bulisova, Santanu Chakrabarti, Tyler Freeman Smith, diLuNa, Amir Mahmoodi, Ben Milpas, John Hulme, Tashi Tobgyal, Gazi Nafis Ahmed, Jeff Chouw, Lara Wechlser, Stephen Uhraney, Yaniv Nadav, John Horniblow, Joaquin Gomez Sastre, Jeryc Garcia, Mike Hutmacher (Skippy Sanchez), Jan Bierkens, Alexander von Spreti, Daniel Kaifer, Angelo Cuissi, Anamitra Chakladar, Md.Kabirul Islam, Debasish Aich, Kiên Hoàng Lê, Alex Kotlik, Nilanjan Mitra, Gulbin Ozdamar, Gianfranco Spatola, Pedro Tzontemoc, Supian Ahmed, Saverio Serravezza, Stephane Lehr, Patricio Valenzuela Hohmann, Ertugrul Kilic and Bea Ahbeck

Contributor/s: Peter Barwick
Ami Vitale

Date of publication: Dec 2009


Title: Testament

Photographer/s: Peter Riesett

Date of publication: July, 2008


Title: Circulación

Photographer/s: Paula Barbetti • Leandro Ibarra • Leticia Lahitte • Martina Maffini • Soledad Manrique • Victoria Onassis • Tomás Ruiz

Date of publication: June 2010

beat beat beat

Title: beat beat beat

Photographer/s: Martina Maffini, Veronica Mengoli

Date of publication: October 2009

My Brother’s War

Title: My Brother’s War

Photographer/s: Jessica Hines

Date of publication: 2010

On the Edge of Somewhere

Title: On the Edge of Somewhere

Photographer/s: Steve Giovinco

Date of publication: 2010

If you are lucky, you get old

Title: If you are lucky, you get old

Photographer/s: Freya Najade

Date of publication: December 2009