“…the Indie Photobook Library is fast becoming one of Washington’s more interesting small collections.” – Mark Jenkins, Washington Post Express, November 9, 2011

at work vol. 1

at work vol. 1 © Sonja Thomsen

Title: at work vol. 1

Photographer/s: Sonja Thomsen

Date of publication: 2013

Sunshine Volition (1/f no Taiyou)

Title: Sunshine Volition (1/f no Taiyou)

Photographer/s: Aki Tanaka

Date of publication: 4/10/2011

“It’s My Life”

It's My Life" © Beto Shibata

Title: “It’s My Life”

Photographer/s: Beto Shibata

Date of publication: July 2013



Photographer/s: Lauren Orchowski

Date of publication: June 26, 2010


Umma © Goseong Choi

Title: “Umma”

Photographer/s: Goseong Choi

Date of publication: July 2011

“Потом/after a while”

"Потом/after a while" © Natalia Baluta

Title: “Потом/after a while”

Photographer/s: Natalia Baluta

Date of publication: May 2014

#Taksim Calling

#Taksim Calling © Frederic Lezmi

Title: #Taksim Calling

Photographer/s: Frederic Lezmi

Date of publication: September 2013

‘In the beginning no bird sang’

'In the beginning no bird sang'  ©  Anaïs López

Title: ‘In the beginning no bird sang’

Photographer/s: Anaïs López

Date of publication: October 2013

(based on a true story)

Title: (based on a true story)

Photographer/s: David Alan Harvey

Date of publication: June 2012