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16 bilder – Morten Andersen

Title: 16 bilder

Photographer/s: Morten Andersen

Date of publication: September, 2012

16 bilder – Eva Michallik

Title: 16 bilder

Photographer/s: Eva Michallik

Date of publication: Juli, 2012


Title: Variationen

Photographer/s: Franziska Opel

Date of publication: Juli, 2012


(back cover shown)

Title: Freuden-Stadt

Photographer/s: Michel Lamoller

Contributor/s: Simone Hirth

Date of publication: Juli, 2012

16 bilder – Hernan Campos

Title: 16 bilder

Photographer/s: Hernan Campos

Date of publication: December, 2011

Die Schatten

Title: Die Schatten

Photographer/s: Yuki Terasaka

Date of publication: November, 2011

untitled – Mitko Mitkov

Title: untitled

Photographer/s: photography : Mitko Mitkov
words: Franziska Opel

Date of publication: January, 2012

16 bilder – Calin Kruse

Title: 16 bilder

Photographer/s: Calin Kruse

Date of publication: October, 2011

Hehlerware / Hot goods

Title: Hehlerware / Hot goods

Photographer/s: Daniel Stubenvoll

Date of publication: September, 2011

Ein Schnitt

Title: Ein Schnitt

Photographer/s: Simone Haug/Rebekka Seubert

Date of publication: November, 2011