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People I Know, Maybe


Photographer/s: PIK,M: Marco Marzocchi, Claudia Moroni, Federica Nuzzo, Giangiacomo Pepe, Francesco Ferod’ Dinoia, Guido Borso, Luca Campanale, Nicola Albertin, Andrea Caviggia, Sara Perovic, Riccardo Bergadano, Claudia Zalla. PCC,F: ERSONE CHE CONOSCO, FORSE: Francesco Ercolini, Camilla Candida Donzella, Nicola Albertin, Teresa Frausin, Andrea Boscardin, Ramon Zuliani, Claudio Majorana, Francesco Lusa, Carlo Beccalli, Alessandra Magno, Kristina Babusci, Arianna Sanesi, Paolo Bazzana, Chiara Fossati, Flavia Culcasi, Riccardo Banfi, Federico Ferrari, Alessandro Formenti.

Date of publication: March 2013

Incandescent Issue 5

Incandescent 5

Title: Incandescent Issue 5

Photographer/s: Arianna Sanesi / Audra Locicero / Brett Skarbakka / Carl Gunhouse / Chan Tak Kei / Christine Armbruster / David Egan / Derek Henderson / Ethan Aaro Jones / Ioana Cirlig / Jason Vaughn / Jillian Freyer / Matt Hurst / Michael Cardiello / Mike Finkelstein / Nataly Levich / Nicholas Swan / Pascal Amoyel / Sinziana Velicescu / Varvara Lozenko

Contributor/s: Paul Cavanagh (introduction)

Date of publication: January 2014

Romka magazine #5

Title: Romka magazine #5

Photographer/s: 36 contributors from 19 countries:

Alexander Konstinskyi (Ukraine)
Ana Cabaleiro (Spain)
Arianna Sanesi (Italy)
Benedikt Rietzel (Austria)
Bo Bae Kim (South Korea)
Caitlin Duennebier (UK)
Cláudio Silvano (Brazil)
Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek (Austria)
Dawid Misiorny (Poland / UK)
Destiny Mata (USA)
Elizaveta Porodina (Germany)
Erin Jane Nelson (USA)
Harold Diaz (USA)
Hellen van Meene (Netherlands)
Hui Li (China)
Ilya Smirnov (Russia)
Iona Vorster (Australia)
Jamie Garden (UK)
Kurniadi Widodo (Indonesia)
Lara Alegre (Spain)
Lucano Maldonado (Mexico)
Mafalda Silva (UK)
Marcel Kaczmarek (Poland)
Marlies Plank (Austria)
Martina Korošec (Slovenia)
Matthew Harris (Australia)
Max Lipchitz (USA)
Pau Dalmases (Spain / USA)
Roman Schauerte (Germany)
Snorre Nygren (Norway)
Stefano Marchionini (France)
Steve Messer (UK)
Tayla Roberge (USA)
Tex Crick (Australia)
Thekla Ehling (Germany)
Thomas Mailaender (France)

Date of publication: December 2010