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Title: WEST

Photographer/s: Calin Kruse

Date of publication: October 2010

Scars & Beauty

Title: Scars & Beauty

Photographer/s: Christopher Anhalt

Contributor/s: Stefan Kaetz (design)

Date of publication: May 2010

Less Is More

Title: Less Is More

Photographer/s: Robert Rutoed

Contributor/s: Introduction by Christine Dobretsberger

Date of publication: January 28, 2011

The Singled Person

Title: The Singled Person

Photographer/s: Michael Ackerman, Morten Andersen, Thorsten Kirchhoff, Peer Kugler, André Lützen, Hisashi Murayama and Filippo Romano

Contributor/s: Adam Cohen

Date of publication: September 2009

Album, Magazin für Fotografie

Title: Album, Magazin für Fotografie

Photographer/s: Victor Balko, Clemens Bechmann, Oliver Dignal, Lena Ditlmann, Max Eulitz, Egor Kirpichev, Timo Klos, Marie-Luise Marchard, Jan Nikolai Nelles, Patrick Raddatz, Pujan Shakupa, Stefan Stark, Thomas Weyand, Ville Lenkkeri

Contributor/s: Jule Hillgärtner, Christian Janecke

Date of publication: November 2010

Neuperlach Zentrum

Title: Neuperlach Zentrum

Photographer/s: Thomas Wieland

Date of publication: January 2011



Photographer/s: Viktoria A. Lisbet

Date of publication: October 2010

Watch Me Jumpstart

Title: Watch Me Jumpstart

Photographer/s: Linn Heidi Stokkedal

Date of publication: October 2010

Stranger Tongues

Title: Stranger Tongues

Photographer/s: Jordan Carroll

Date of publication: August 2010

Adam Revington

Title: Adam Revington

Photographer/s: Adam Revington

Date of publication: July 2010