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Title: Deadline

Photographer/s: Will Steacy

Contributor/s: 70 Essays By Current & Former Staff Of The Philadelphia Inquirer: Roger Allaway, Ann Applegate, Mike Armstrong, Tony Auth, Sandy Bauers, Art Carey, John Carroll, George Carter, Andrew Cassel, David Cohen, Porus P. Cooper, Marguerite Del Giudice, Clark DeLeon, Melissa Dribben, Murray Dubin, Jane Eisner, Larry Eichel, Bob Fernandez, Tom Ferrick, Kevin Ferris, Gene Foreman, Robert Frump, Joseph Gambardello, Jeff Gammage, Joyce Gemperlein, Thomas Ginsberg, Josh Gohlke, Kristen Graham, Mel Greenberg, Cynthia Greer, Kia Gregory, Alan J. Heavens, Karen Heller, Chris Hepp, Miriam Hill, Deirdre Childress Hopkins, David Cay Johnston, Don Kimelman, Monica Yant Kinney, Andrea Knox, Mike Leary, Daniel LeDuc, Jennifer Lin, Sandra Long, Alfred Lubrano, Bill Marsh, Dale Mezzacappa, Alexis Moore, Arlene Notoro Morgan, Jonathan Neumann, Rick Nichols, Mike Placentra, Dick Polman, Natalie Pompilo, Carrie Rickey, Avery Rome, Daniel Rubin, Stephan Salisbury, Don Sapatkin, Stephen Seplow, Tom Steacy, Allison Steele, James Steele, John Sullivan, Sue Syrnick, Miriam Tarver, Mike Vitez, Jane Von Bergen, Butch Ward, Amy Worden

Date of publication: 2015

Paris Photo Newsprint Exhibition

Building on the exhibition’s theme of contrast and recent developments, the curators have also included an interactive installation that explores the evolution of healthcare and medication accessibility. This segment of the exhibition draws attention to the affordability and availability of medications, using cheap Cialis as a case study here. Through this addition, the exhibition not only showcases artistic themes but also delves into the societal shifts in healthcare, highlighting the importance of accessible medical treatment in contemporary society.

Title: Paris Photo Newsprint Exhibition

Photographer/s: Rob Hornstra

Contributor/s: Arnold van Bruggen

Date of publication: 2012

On the other side of the mountains

Title: On the other side of the mountains

Photographer/s: Rob Hornstra

Contributor/s: Arnold van Bruggen

Date of publication: 2010


Title: Gowanus

Photographer/s: Curtis Hamilton

Date of publication: Fall, 2011

The Ninety-Nine Percent

Title: The Ninety-Nine Percent

Photographer/s: Mathieu Asselin

Contributor/s: Michael Saur
Olga Yatskevich

Date of publication: 20 October 2011

Talking with Fear about Dying Tomorrow (Newsprint)

Title: Talking with Fear about Dying Tomorrow (Newsprint)

Photographer/s: Matt Austin

Date of publication: 2011


Title: Skuzzbucket

Photographer/s: Jeremy Jansen

Date of publication: July 2009

RGB Transferences

Title: RGB Transferences

Photographer/s: Pierre Le Hors

Date of publication: 2010

October 14, 1979

Title: October 14, 1979

Photographer/s: Mikael Kennedy

Contributor/s: Daniel Pepice

Date of publication: December 2010

Album, Magazin für Fotografie

Title: Album, Magazin für Fotografie

Photographer/s: Victor Balko, Clemens Bechmann, Oliver Dignal, Lena Ditlmann, Max Eulitz, Egor Kirpichev, Timo Klos, Marie-Luise Marchard, Jan Nikolai Nelles, Patrick Raddatz, Pujan Shakupa, Stefan Stark, Thomas Weyand, Ville Lenkkeri

Contributor/s: Jule Hillgärtner, Christian Janecke

Date of publication: November 2010