40 Days

Title: 40 Days

Photographer/s: Allison V. Smith

Contributor/s: Creative Direction/Design Chris Brown

Date of publication: April 2011

48 Recent Photographs

Title: 48 Recent Photographs

Photographer/s: John MacLean

Date of publication: 2008


iPL 5 years



500 Weeks © Chris Rubino

Title: 500 WEEKS

Photographer/s: Chris Rubino

Contributor/s: Chris Rubino

Date of publication: January 2014


Title: 509

Photographer/s: Pamela Pecchio

Date of publication: 2009

574 Views of Johnstown

Title: 574 Views of Johnstown

Photographer/s: Ed Panar

Date of publication: July 2009

6,426 per km²

Title: 6,426 per km²

Photographer/s: Greer Muldowney

Contributor/s: Paula Tognarelli

Date of publication: September 2012

720 (two times around)

Title: 720 (two times around)

Photographer/s: Andrew Phelps

Date of publication: Spring 2010


Title: 75003

Photographer/s: Gianluca Tamorri

Date of publication: May 2011

8 Mile; photographs from the margins of Port Moresby

Title: 8 Mile; photographs from the margins of Port Moresby

Photographer/s: Sean Davey
Emmanuel Mel

Contributor/s: Motsy David
Stephen Zagala

Date of publication: 2010