Working Memory

Title: Working Memory

Photographer/s: Jim Reed

Date of publication: November 15th, 2012

workplaces of real men and some altars

Title: workplaces of real men and some altars

Photographer/s: ivar brynjolfsson

Contributor/s: a grant from Myndstef helped a little bit and two year stipend from the Icelandic ministry of culture also helped in producing the work –
this work was shown at an exhibition at the Icelandic National Gallery of Art – first icelandic photographer to do so

Date of publication: 2010

World Was in the Face of the Beloved

Title: World Was in the Face of the Beloved

Photographer/s: Eric Weeks

Contributor/s: Jean Dykstra

Date of publication: October, 2007

Worn Out Joy

Worn Out Joy © Sara J. Winston

Title: Worn Out Joy

Photographer/s: Sara J. Winston

Date of publication: 2011


Title: Wrestling

Photographer/s: Thomas Lobenwein

Date of publication: 09.08.2010


Title: WTWML

Photographer/s: Anna Bak

Date of publication: January 2011

Xavier Ribas

Title: Xavier Ribas

Photographer/s: Xavier Ribas

Contributor/s: Ramón Esparza

Date of publication: 1998

Yamabito (The Mountain People)

Title: Yamabito (The Mountain People)

Photographer/s: Osamu Sato

Date of publication: 5th March 2011



Title: yatter

Photographer/s: Ian J. Whitmore

Date of publication: September 2015

Year of the Ghost

Year of the Ghost © Sarah Soquel Morhaim / Editions Ltd.

Title: Year of the Ghost

Photographer/s: Sarah Soquel Morhaim

Date of publication: 2014