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Half Year vol. 2

Half Year July December

Title: Half Year vol. 2

Photographer/s: Deedra Baker, Rachel Jump, Jen Ervin, William Douglas, Will Harris, Coralie Fournier-Moris, Andrew Janjigian, Andrew Frost, Aleksei Kazantsev, Gabriella Sturchio, Jesse Taylor Koechling, Charlotte Thoemmes, Trevor Powers, Celeste Ortiz, Brian Henry, Selina Roman, dent de lion, Misty Woodford, Grant Gill, Scott Norris, Julia Dunham, Viviana Levrino, Samantha Ylva Beasley, Deb Schwedhelm, Charalampos Kydonakis, Drew Nikonowicz, Jillian Freyer, Jordanna Kalman, Rebecca Drolen, Ekaterina Musatkina

Date of publication: 2015



Title: Meridian

Photographer/s: Colin Stearns

Date of publication: October 2015

Ex Corde

Ex Corde

Title: Ex Corde

Photographer/s: Rodrigo Ramos

Date of publication: November 2015



Title: NOROC

Photographer/s: Cedric Van Turtelboom

Contributor/s: Text : Jean-Marc Bodson

Date of publication: 12/2015


Almost Bari


Photographer/s: MARA DANI

Date of publication: SEPTEMBER 2015

Mossless Issue Three: The United States (2003-2013)

Mossless 3

Title: Mossless Issue Three: The United States (2003-2013)

Photographer/s: 118 Photographers

Date of publication: June 2014

Sometimes a funny sea

Sometimes A Funny Sea

Title: Sometimes a funny sea

Photographer/s: Samuel W Grant

Contributor/s: n/a

Date of publication: 2015



Title: Address

Photographer/s: Julia Borissova

Date of publication: march 2015

DOM (Document Object Model)


Title: DOM (Document Object Model)

Photographer/s: Julia Borissova

Date of publication: 2014

Petty Thieves Five

Petty Thieves 5

Title: Petty Thieves Five

Photographer/s: Victoria Crayhon, Patrick Barnes, James Whiting, Michael Ast, Josh Loeser, Eleanor Bleier, Jaclyn Wright, Alex Nelson, Sarah Katherine Moore, Justine Tobiasz, Matt Nighswander, Brett Gundlock, Tristan Wheelock, Phil Jackson, William Douglas, Nathaniel Grann, Chris Gregory, Nathan Pearce, Becky Harlan, Nick Wilkinson, Sara J. Winston, Nic Persinger, Thomas Pearson, Hannele Lahti, Carla Rodriguez, Matthew Crowther, Matthew Conboy, Caitlin Carr, Lauren Wansker, Paul Bothwell, Jordan Swartz, Shane Terry, & Taylor Galloway

Date of publication: September 2014