Closed for Winter

Closed for Winter © Isidro Ramirez / The Velvet Cell

Title: Closed for Winter

Photographer/s: Isidro Ramirez

Date of publication: August 2013

Paris et la Banlieue

Paris et la Banlieue © Eanna de Freine / The Velvet Cell

Title: Paris et la Banlieue

Photographer/s: Eanna de Freine

Date of publication: February 2013

Rear Window

Rear Window © Jordi Huisman / The Velvet Cell

Title: Rear Window

Photographer/s: Jordi Huisman

Date of publication: Dec 2013

Strict emotion #1

Strict Emotions © Charles Bouchaib

Title: Strict Emotion #1

Photographer/s: Charles Bouchaib

Date of publication: December 2013

Fucking in the morning…

Title: Fucking in the morning…

Photographer/s: Landry A.

Date of publication: 2009

After Shower

After Shower © Landry

Title: After Shower

Photographer/s: Landry A.

Date of publication: January 2014

Carts & Rafts

 Carts & Rafts © Celeste Fichter

Title: Carts & Rafts

Photographer/s: Celeste Fichter

Date of publication: March 2014


Hidden © Jordanna Kalman

Title: Hidden

Photographer/s: Jordanna Kalman

Date of publication: 2014

Indian Summer / Babie Lato

Indian Summer © Marcin Grabowiecki

Title: Indian Summer / Babie Lato

Photographer/s: Marcin Grabowiecki

Date of publication: 2013


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