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The Porno Landscapes

The Porno Landscapes

Title: The Porno Landscapes

Photographer/s: Stephen Grebinski

Date of publication: Jan 2015

Between Spaces

Between Spaces

Title: Between Spaces

Photographer/s: Garry Loughlin

Date of publication: 2014

VISION: The Art Issue


Title: VISION: The Art Issue

Photographer/s: Paul B. Goode, Zhongjing Fang, Leslie Jean-Bart

Contributor/s: Abigail Mentzer, Zarina Stahnke, Emily Pope-Blackman, Alison Clancey, Jacqulyn Buglisi

Date of publication: January, 2015

A winter’ s tale

A Winters Tale

Title: A winter’ s tale

Photographer/s: Mattia Vacca

Contributor/s: Emanuela Mirabelli, Maurizio Pratelli, Luca Galli

Date of publication: October 2014

Wildlife Analysis

Wildlife Analysis

Title: Wildlife Analysis

Photographer/s: Bryan Graf

Date of publication: 2013



Title: Signe

Photographer/s: Katharina Bosse

Contributor/s: J├╝rgen Schmidt

Date of publication: 1997

Re-Imagining Eden

Reimagining Eden

Title: Re-Imagining Eden

Photographer/s: Bremner Benedict

Contributor/s: Paula Tognarelli

Date of publication: September 2013

The Melon Series

The Melon Series

Title: The Melon Series

Photographer/s: Kathleen Volp

Contributor/s: Paula Tognarelli

Date of publication: July 2013

Initial Intake

Initial Intake

Title: Initial Intake

Photographer/s: Saul Robbins

Contributor/s: Jack L. Nasar, Ann Sloan Devlin, Paula Tognarelli

Date of publication: January 2013

before you

before you

Title: before you

Photographer/s: John Gossage

Date of publication: 2013/2014