8:05 © Taylor King

Title: 8:05

The Ancients’ Views

The Ancients' Views © Clyde Heppner

Title: The Ancients’ Views

Photographer/s: Clyde Heppner

Contributor/s: George DeWolfe (foreword), Jason C. Kuo (foreword)

Date of publication: April 2014

Beneath a Greying Sky

Beneath a Greying Sky © Alan Hunter

Title: Beneath a Greying Sky

Photographer/s: Alan Hunter

Date of publication: December 2013


ROME ALONE © Jason Jaworski


Photographer/s: Jason Jaworski

Date of publication: January 2014


sea © Jason Jaworski

Title: sea

Photographer/s: Jason Jaworski

Date of publication: February 2014

Some Odd Suns

Some Odd Suns © Magali Duzant & Craig Callison

Title: Some Odd Suns

Photographer/s: Magali Duzant, Craig Callison

Date of publication: 2014


Homebody © Jaime Boddorff

Title: Homebody

Running to the Edge

Running to the Edge © Julia Borissova

Title: Running to the Edge

Photographer/s: Julia Borissova

Date of publication: 2014

Coif Mode

Coif Mode © Hana Miletic

Title: Coif Mode

Photographer/s: Hana Miletic

Date of publication: April 2014

Passengers 1

Passengers © Mitchell Hartman

Title: Passengers 1

Photographer/s: mitchell hartman

Contributor/s: mitchell hartman

Date of publication: 5/2014