Skyros Carnival

Title: Skyros Carnival

Photographer/s: Dick Blau

Contributor/s: Text by Agapi Amanatidis and Panayiotis Panopoulos

DVD and CD by Steven Feld

Date of publication: 3/15/11

Place of publication: Santa Fe

Dimensions: 9.5×9.5 inches

Edition size: 1000

Type of binding: Paper; sewn

Number of pages: 88

Number of pictures: 62 (38 color24 b/w)

Type of printing: offset

Printer: Imago/China

Publisher: Voxlox

Designer: Michael Motley

Language: English

ISBN: 0-945401-46-9

Category: book

Price: $40;Eu40

Summary: Two trips to the oldest. funkiest dionysian carnival in Greece. An experiment in art and anthropology. A multi-sensory book where pictures, text, sound and video each have a place and are meant to reverberate.

Date and place of birth of photographer/s: 9/4/43


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Donated by: Dick Blau

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Exhibition Catalog for “A Survey of Documentary Styles in Early 21st Century Photobooks”

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