VOL 2: Adrià Cañameras. PAR HASARD

Title: VOL 2: Adrià Cañameras. PAR HASARD

Photographer/s: Adrià Cañameras
Barcelona, España

Date of publication: nov-dec 2011

Place of publication: Buenos Aires

Dimensions: 14 x 20 cm

Edition size: 250

Type of binding: softcover, binding omega

Number of pages: 24

Type of paper: uncoated 90gr.

Number of pictures: +24 -30

Type of printing: monotone offset

Printer: Tony

Publisher: Fibra Casa Editora

Designer: Flavio Affonso

Editor: Flavio Affonso

Language: spanish, english

ISBN: 978-987-26564-4-7

Category: zine

Price: USD $6

Summary: SR. DALTON espiriteur monotone zine is a photographers zines collection.
Each issue includes a selection of images chosen by the author and edited by the house that is printed in monotone.
It is an amateur-spirit publication by Fibra Publishing House in honor of the first known man who could see in greyscale.

Website: http://casafibra.com.ar/

Book link: http://casafibra.com.ar/sr-dalton/

Donated by: Fibra Editor, Flavio Affonso

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Exhibition Catalog for “A Survey of Documentary Styles in Early 21st Century Photobooks”

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